March 22, 2008

Girly revisited

Ahaha, as if it wasn't bad enough the first time, now Josh is charging $100 per strip in donations. He's already received four hundred dollars, though, so I guess his plan is working. Fuck. I can't wait until the inevitable disappointment when he cops out and produces half as much as he ought to, only no one cares because the fans are SO GRATEFUL for any content at all. There will be tits!


Thing in the Coat said...

This whole entry is kind of short and lacking in detail, and I cannot figure out what's going on from Girly's website, so what are you talking about? How does one charge $100 per strip in donations? Do you mean that he refuses to release the next strip until the quota has been reached? Because if so, that's a pretty fucked up, avarice-laden business model the likes of which I've never even heard before.

Just kind of confused here, is all.

Malethoth K. said...

You got it, actually. The number of strips he puts up is directly related to the amount of money he receives in donations--at a going rate of $100/strip.

It's sickening.

Thing in the Coat said...

I've never heard of another webcomic employing such a tactic, and for good reason, I'd imagine. Sounds to me like such a model would implode in no time. I mean, what if the quota isn't reached and no new strips are forthcoming? What then? Does he really think many people would pay for services that haven't been rendered, for a webcomic that becomes infrequently updated?

But then again, what do I know? You're probably right and they'll cough up anyway. Webcomics fans seem prone to some truly illogical things. After all, if Terraciano can earn a living on what is by all rights scribbles belonging on a thirteen-year-old's DeviantART, then I've no doubt that Lesnick can achieve similar success.